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28 pages pdf format

So you fancy becoming a ghostwriter and want to start earning a full-time income from home?
Good – and I hope that within this report I can show you exactly how to do it.
But first things first – what exactly IS a ghostwriter?
Well, I’m guessing that you already know the answer to that one, but just in case you don’t then I’ll go over it now…
A ghostwriter is someone who writes things for someone else. It could be articles, reports, white papers, text for a website, blog posts, an autoresponder email, magazine articles, etc.
It is called GHOSTwriting quite simply because the work is then credited to someone else. You write it and then your client can use it in whatever way they wish, as though they had written it themselves. Anyone reading it will not know that you have written it (hence the name ‘ghostwriting’).
So –if you’re hoping to become a well-known writer and have your name splashed around all over the place then ghostwriting probably isn’t for you…

zip file contains:
Ghost Writing Gold .pdf
Squeeze page
Mini site
Master resell rights

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