The City Peoples Book of Raising Food

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The City Peoples Book of Raising Food

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89 pages pdf format

We sat at the kitchen table one day, and Bill said, "Look at the world. The world
is in bad shape." We started thinking about it. The more we thought, the worse we
"If things fall apart, we're helpless," he said. Then, as they often will, Bill's
thoughts drifted to his stomach. "What we need to do is grow our own food," he
"Where?" I asked nervously, peering out into our small backyard which at that time
consisted mostly of a dying willow tree and two large, irregular holes. I had
fancied having a Japanese garden out there. You know, with fish ponds, stepping
stones, miniature trees, and all the things that could convert a space the size of
a handkerchief into a vast panorama of unspoiled nature. About ten years prior, I
had even gone so far as to dig holes for the ponds, and in a few unusually rainy
years an inland sea had briefly materialized. Usually, however, the yard was
distinguished mainly by a good crop of weeds.

The City Peoples Book of Raising Food .pdf

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