The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency

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The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency

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258 pages pdf format

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency is a book for all seasons. Whether you live in town or country, on a farm or in a cottage, in a house with a garden or a flat with a window-box, this book has something for you. If you want to bake your own bread, brew your own beer, make your own cheese, pickle your own onions, this book will
show you how. If you want to make hay, milk a cow, smoke a ham, design a dairy, convert to solar energy, this book will show you how. If you just want to grow your own vegetables, bottle your own fruit, dry your own herbs, this book will demonstrate exactly what to do. The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency is an invaluable annual, packed with illustrations, and every illustration tells its own story, shows you what you need and how to do it. John Seymour is everywhere recognized as the
expert in self-sufficiency. He has lived the life for twenty years, and here he gathers all the expertise he has acquired into one authoritative volume. The Complete book of Self Sufficiency covers the whole range of the self-sufficient spectrum. It describes how, according to the size of your plot, you can plan to support yourself, grow your own crops, keep your own livestock. It helps you over all the hurdles of growing and preserving your own food, whether you harvest straight from the field or
from the garden, from animals or from the wild. John Seymour guides you through every stage of the cycle. He shows you how to plant your crop, tend it, harvest it, preserve it, process it, and finally, how to cook it - in a variety of ways. He also includes chapters on how you can produce your own energy, and how you can help
to re-vitalize many of the near-forgotten crafts. This is the first totally comprehensive book on supporting yourself. It is an encyclopaedia of practical advice on how to attain the skills and enjoy the fruits of the self-sufficient way of life.

The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency .pdf

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